polishingpastime @savvyandchicnails Fairs & Fireworks and Flip Flops & Flamingos from the neon collection were used in this look. For the water marble I applied white as a base color over Savvy & Chic Adhesive Base Coat to make sure the colors popped. The rest have 2 coats of Fairs & Fireworks over Savvy & Chic Adhesive Base Coat and then I finished the entire look using Savvy & Chic Super Shiny & Fast Drying Top Coat. I used the base and top coat in last weeks look and felt they worked very well. I wore the look for 6 days and had normal tip wear as I would expect. 
You may notice a bit of shimmer on my pinky nail in photo one. This was accidental and transferred from the top coat brush. After wiping my brush off the rest of my mani went as planned.




@beautybella7 - Next we have Fireflies. This is the brightest most neon yellow I've ever seen. I've probably around 3 or 4 neons, and this is the brightest. Also, none of these swatches have white undies. Shown are two coats plus top coat. Everything from @savvyandchicnails. 😍




Used @savvyandchicnails Dry Fast Top Coat 🌬 It was smooth and did dry fully in about 5 minutes where I was no longer feeling the danger of smudging. Definitely recommend ❤ Much Love