Manicure Claw
Manicure Claw

Manicure Claw

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This tool is perfect for nail art lovers! 

•An easy way to clean up our plates, silicone mats nails and toe nails. 

•Less concern of ruining our freshly polished nails while cleaning up. 

•Easier way to clean up and repair a single nail without damaging the rest of the nails.

•Use less cotton and maximize its use. 

This manicure claw is a must have  for those of us who may work on other's nails while trying to maintain  our chic manis.  

How to Use 

  1. Pick up and hold the tool as you would hold a led pencil and press the end to extend the tool.

  2. Place the claw end on your cotton ball.

  3. Release your thumb from the end to secure grip on the cotton ball.

  4. Soak your cotton ball with acetone (we use pure acetone to clean this tools; therefore, that is what we recommend)

  5. Holding the claw like a pencil, clean up your messy plates, mat or nails with the acetone soaked cotton ball.

  6. To dispose of cotton, repeat step one over the trash can. 

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